Fortnite: Big Bush Bombs And How They Work

Sneaky, sneaky.

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If you've been playing Fortnite long enough, you probably remember an old item that allowed you to disguise yourself as a small bush. The controversial pickup eventually became a bit obsolete when larger bushes were added to the map, which allowed players natural spots to hide without the need for an item. But the item concept has returned once more with the brand-new Big Bush Bomb--except this time its name says it all. Read on to find out more.

Where to get Big Bush Bombs in Fortnite and how they work

Big Bush Bombs can be found on the ground, in chests, or from supply drops. Each pickup contains two grenades.

Throwing a Big Bush Bomb results in exactly what you'd probably expect--a large bush appears, which can grant you a bit of cover from incoming fire and a place to hide during times you need to approach situations stealthily. While it may seem a bit basic at first thought, there are a few ways in which the Big Bush Bomb is actually a really great item for Chapter 4 Season 1.

Use the Big Bush Bomb to throw out large bushes to hide in.
Use the Big Bush Bomb to throw out large bushes to hide in.

For starters, the Bush Warrior augment allows you to regain shields and health while hiding in bushes, making the Big Bush Bomb a unique way in which to heal your character--particularly if you're out of other options. But this is balanced out by the fact that players who have come across a Falcon Scout in the match can use it to ping your exact location, so never assume you're safe for long.

You can also use Big Bush Bombs in the middle of a battle to toss out random bushes that you can weave in and out of to disorient your opponents. This can be especially helpful if you need to reload or bide your time a little for the rest of your squad to arrive. As a bit of added fun, you can also toss bushes on vehicles--including dirt bikes!

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