Pokemon Scarlet And Violet - All Special Evolutions

Learn how to evolve Charcadet, Capsakid, Greavard, and more.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features an impressive lineup of over 400 Pokémon and their evolutions are a creative free-fall into the Pokédex and its layers. Most pocket monsters evolve by leveling up over time, but not all of them. Some Pokémon require evo stones, held items, specific genders and abilities, and even need to be traded away like Popplios. There are too many evolution methods to name and since a few, like Finizen's secret Hero Form, can activate as a battle mechanic, below is a detailed guide on every special evolution found so far and how they work in Scarlet and Violet.

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Pokemon with Trading Evolutions

This NPC lives by fair trades (not Everstones).
This NPC lives by fair trades (not Everstones).

Trading is an evolution method that's as old as Red and Blue and it's still a specific requirement for a specific group of Pokemon. There is an NPC in Levincia that will trade Gengars for Pincurchins while others like Scyther and Slowpoke can evolve with held items and their own designated trade codes.

  • Haunter + Trading = Gengar
  • Scyther + Metal Coat (Item) + Trading = Scizor
  • Slowpoke + King's Rock (Item) + Trading = Slowking

Pokemon with Stone Evolutions

Leafeon is just one of Eevee's eight evolutions.
Leafeon is just one of Eevee's eight evolutions.

Eevee and other Scarlet and Violet Pokemon require Evolution Stones to fully evolve and they can be found in the wild throughout the Paldean region. Most can be purchased from Delibird Presents, but they can also be bought via the auction house in Port Marinada, obtained through link trading with friends, or found as random items near places like Area Zero, Socarrat Trail, and Glaseado Mountain.

  • Capsakid + Fire Stone = Scovillain
  • Cetoddle + Ice Stone = Cetitan
  • Crabrawler + Ice Stone = Crabominable
  • Eelektrick + Thunder Stone = Eelektross
  • Eevee + Fire Stone = Flareon
  • Eevee + Ice Stone = Glaceon
  • Eevee + Leaf Stone = Leafeon
  • Eevee + Thunder Stone = Jolteon
  • Eevee + Water Stone = Vaporeon
  • Floette + Shiny Stone = Florges
  • Growlithe + Fire Stone = Arcanine
  • Jigglypuff + Moon Stone = Wigglytuff
  • Kirlia + Dawn Stone = Gallade
  • Magneton + Thunder Stone = Magnezone
  • Misdreavus + Dusk Stone = Mismagius
  • Murkrow + Dusk Stone = Honchkrow
  • Petilil + Sun Stone = Lilligant
  • Pikachu + Thunder Stone = Raichu
  • Shellder + Water Stone = Cloyster
  • Snorunt + Dawn Stone = Froslass
  • Sunkern + Sun Stone = Sunflora
  • Tadbulb + Thunder Stone = Bellibolt

Pokemon with Special Item Evolutions

Charcadet's 'Violet' form screams teen angst.
Charcadet's 'Violet' form screams teen angst.

Some Pokemon also need special items that are similar to Evolution Stones. These can be found at the auction house, Delibird Presents or in the case of Charcadet, through an NPC that's in Zapapico.

Pokemon with Special Move Evolutions

Annihilape is Paldea's answer to Future Trunks.
Annihilape is Paldea's answer to Future Trunks.

These Pokemon evolve when they learn a particular move via leveling up or battle conditions. Moves can be retaught (if needed) and can even be practiced to an extent to unlock a local Paldean form.

Pokemon with Time Of Day Evolutions

Greavard is a Ghost type worth fainting for.
Greavard is a Ghost type worth fainting for.

Sneasel, Fomantis, and Greavard have more complex leveling methods as they're Pokemon who only evolve during a specific time of day, which can be tracked via the Pokédex. Some need items and evolution stones while others, like Dusk Form Lycanroc, require a starter form with a specific ability.

  • Eevee + Friendship = Espeon (Daytime Only)
  • Eevee + Friendship = Umbreon (Nighttime Only)
  • Fomantis + Level 34 = Lurantis (Daytime Only)
  • Greavard + Level 30 = Houndstone (Nighttime Only)
  • Happiny + Oval Stone + Level = Chansey (Daytime Only)
  • Riolu + Friendship = Lucario (Daytime Only)
  • Rockruff + Level 25 = Midday Form Lycanroc (Daytime Only)
  • Rockruff + Level 25 = Midnight Form Lycanroc (Nighttime Only)
  • Rockruff + Level 25 + "Own Tempo" Ability = Dusk Form Lycanroc (Nighttime Only)
  • Sneasel + Razor Claw (Item) + Level = Weavile (Nighttime Only)
  • Yungoos + Level 20 = Gumshoos (Daytime Only)

Pokemon with Friendship Evolutions

Friendship is defined by bells and EXP candies.
Friendship is defined by bells and EXP candies.

Some Pokemon are just here for the memories as friendship is a value that can be increased via auto battles, EXP candies, picnics, sandwiches, and held items such as Soothe Bells from Chansey's Goods.

  • Azurill + Friendship = Marill
  • Chansey + Friendship = Blissey
  • Eevee + Friendship = Espeon (Daytime Only)
  • Eevee + Friendship = Umbreon (Nighttime Only)
  • Eevee + Friendship + Learning Any Fairy Move = Sylveon
  • Igglybuff + Friendship = Jigglypuff
  • Pichu + Friendship = Pikachu
  • Riolu + Friendship = Lucario

Pokemon with Walking Evolutions

Other Pokemon just need attention and a few scenic walks across the Paldea region. Tapping the R button activates Scarlet and Violet’s "Let's Go" mode which uses the lead Pokemon in your party.

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