Andor Gets Final Trailer, Star Wars Series About To Begin Filming Season 2

The D23 expo panel revealed a new video for the upcoming show and a few more details.


The next Star Wars Disney+ series, Andor, will hit the streaming service on September 21. During the Lucasfilm segment of the panel on Saturday, the cast came out to discuss the show and of course, debut the final trailer for the series.

In the final trailer, it's set up that the Empire is firmly in control of the galaxy, and we're in the era of the spark of the rebellion. Taking place prior to the events of Rogue One, Andor follows Diego Luna as the titular character, and this final trailer gives us a good idea of where the show is going. Check it out below.

There will be a three episode premiere on September 21, with future episodes debuting weekly after that. Andor will consist of 12 episodes. However, there is a second--and final--season in the works, and during the panel, it was revealed that they are close to begin shooting the final 12 episodes of this story.

"As an actor, many times you're just thrown into something that is already happening," Luna said during the panel, referencing this first season. "On this, I had the chance to be there beginning to end. This is like a 12 episode film."

Genevieve O'Reilly reprises her role as Mon Mothma for the show, and the character is in a different place than we've seen her in past movies. "For Mon Mothma, previously we've seen her as a bit of a pillar. This time, we get to meet her and explore her as a woman trying to navigate the dark shadows of the imperial politics while trying to build a rebellion."

More Star Wars content is expected to be announced during the panel. Andor arrives on Disney+ on September 21.

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