All Hail, Paimon! Hereditary Gingerbread Treehouse Kit Is Here

Bring home a new family tradition with the Hereditary Gingerbread Treehouse set.


A24's Hereditary became an instant horror classic when it debuted in 2018 with its disturbing and haunting imagery and themes of family and trauma. One of the sets used in the film's promotion is the children's treehouse where the terrifying finale occurs.

Now, A24 wants to bring in the holidays with its gingerbread house set that looks like the treehouse kit. The set includes a cast iron mold plate, plastic treehouse base, recipe card, instruction booklet, and a tealight to illuminate your treehouse at night. Cast iron base builds one complete treehouse, as well as a gingerbread Peter, demon king Paimon, and worshippers.

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This is definitely an out-of-the-box kind of gift for fans of contemporary horror and holiday decorating as that Venn Diagram doesn't crossover a lot.

The complete set retails for $62, which you can buy here, is something unusual for A24. The company usually doesn't do any sort of tie-in merchandise outside of the occasional soundtrack or special edition release and selected movie apparel.

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